Sunday, March 4, 2018

Inside The Arch

We got on the rail, which was a very tight fit, but we made it all the way to the top!

An absolutely awesome sight from the top of the Arch.  


Truly an amazing site!   So glad we came up here.  

Arch Park, Cathedral, Courthouse, The Hill

We stayed at Scott AFB for a few days to tour St. Louis and while the boys visited with Grandparents in Alton, Illinois.  Nice base.  We had breakfast then headed out to tour.

Visited the Courthouse.  Beautiful  building.  We had to buy our tickets for the Arch here.  

Love visiting churches.

We took pictures and just walked around Arch Park as we had time before our tour into The Arch.

The Cathedral was right next to the Arch Park so while we waited, we went in to visit.  It is just beautiful inside.

I am so grateful to be able to spend this special time with Joe and Corina and the Boys.  Have had a great time and we still have  a lot more time together.

Joe knows this town really well as he lived here several years.  He took us to this really nice area called "The Hill". He highly recommended this Italian Restaurant, Zia's.  Oh, It was Delicious.

 Now we are heading back to Arch Park to ride up to the top of the Arch.  Excited but also a little scared.

Visiting The Anhauser-Busch Brewery

Yesterday we spent the day with Joe's Sisters and Brother again.  They had a delicious meal prepared for us.  It was so delicious.  We said our good byes as tomorrow we will head to Missouri.

Today, we drove to Missouri.  Xavier and Mike's Grandparents live here and they want to spend time with the boys.  We visited with them a while then we left, leaving the boys for a few days.  Their Grandpa has a few scheduled things he wants to do with the boys. 

We made a quick stop at the Robert Pershing Wadlow (The Tallest Man) Park.  He is amazingly tall.  Wow!
I sat in his chair!

We stopped her to eat.  Great Restaurant.  

We have arrived in St. Louis, Missoui.

Our destination....

We took a walking but guided tour of the facility.  Beautiful grounds..

The stables are really pretty.  Take a look at the Chandelier.

Imagine all this beer!!

The building is beautiful!

Inside the building is also very beautiful.

After the tour, we enjoyed a drink at the bar.

This was a great tour.  More to come from St. Louis, Missouri.