Friday, July 24, 2015

Time With WWWs

We went out to Castroville’s RV Resort to visit with Our RV  Friends.  Mark & Brenda, Jesse & Mary, George & Pat and Jeff and Debbie were at the park.  It was nice to see them all.  We had a great visit and had dinner with them.  I took a few pictures of this really nice park. 

George took our picture. 


They have a very nice Golf Course…          Great pavilion….

1    2

Very nice pool and hot tub….


A look down from the pavilion….


We may visit again this week if Manuel feels better.  We had a very nice visit with Friends!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sea World With Arianna

Manuel wanted to go to Sea World today.  We called the girls to see if they wanted to go and Larissa could not go cause she had a Birthday party to go to.  Arianna said she would.  We had a great time and stayed all day.

Ari and I are ready for the first show…..

7   27


The Ski Show was great!


I was so glad he felt good and wanted to come to Sea World.  He enjoyed the day!



Arianna is a lover of animals so we went to this show.  Here they have all stray animals that have been found in the streets and they have done a great job training them.  These are all beautiful animals.  They had dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, birds, etc.  Great Show!




The Beluga Whale show was great, too.


The porpoises.  Awesome show.


We spent several hours at the Water Park and had a great time, good to be able to cool off.  Ari is so much fun!  We sure missed having Larissa with us. 

We left the park and there are people gathering for the night entertainment which we did not stay for. 


Always have a very great time with our Girls!  Grandpa and I enjoyed ourselves a great deal.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Corina’s Birthday!

We celebrated Corina’s Birthday between her trips.  I did not take any pictures that night cause I forgot to!!

New York City…..                                          Paris……

C NY   IMG_0604



We ate at Grimaldi’s.  Very nice dinner with awesome people!


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finishing Touches on Doll House

Larissa, Arianna and I decided to go spend a little more money and get all the lighting for the Doll House.  Here are a few pictures of what we have done.  Manuel Sr. & Jr. did all the drilling so we could set up light wiring.

The Living Room.  We still need a lot of wall hangings and other d├ęcor items but it all looks good.


The Kitchen and the Dining Room in background.  Oops, have some wires hanging.  Will fix that.  We put some nice wall paper and also tile floor in here.  Looks nice.


The Piano Room/Computer Room.  Grandma’s Room in background.  The girls picked out the wall paper and furniture.  We put carpet in both rooms.


Larissa’s Room.  She picked out some glittery spots wall paper.  She has carpet on floor and stairs.


Arianna picked pink tiny squares for her wall paper.  She has carpet on floor.  This room has a sitting area in the background and we have a fireplace there but have not found the right furniture yet.  This room had very difficult cuts on wall paper.


The Bath Room is cute.  We selected a really nice silver, curvy lined paper.  We also did some special tile in there.  The floor is tile. 


This is an overview of the Doll House.  We still have quite a bit to go with the decorating inside but at least all the furniture and lighting has been done.  We have enjoyed this so much plus we have quality time together when they visit.

When we work on the house, we do not allow the guys in the room until we are done for that day.  They are really surprised how the work has progressed. 


We have done very little to the outside.  Just put a dining table with chairs and also put birdhouses and birds which you can barely see. 


More to come!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Last Stop was Kemah, TX

We left Destin at about 6 am.  We drove all the way to Kemah.  We arrived early so we checked out the sights.  The girls and Manuel had been to the Board Walk here so we came for the girls to have some more fun.




Lari and Manuel rode on this roller coaster.  Arianna is just not ready for this!



They enjoyed all the rides as Manuel and I just sat around and enjoyed watching them.


Who would believe this, Arianna ran into one of her school class mate, Brooklyn.  This little girl finished the last school year in San Antonio then moved to Kemah.  It was a big surprised to both as they were waiting in line to ride this ride.  They hugged and then got on the ride together.  Thy are on the far left….


Manuel and Lari on the far right.


Arianna was not too sure about this ride but she did it anyway.  Oh, no!  Then the caterpillar!

13  10

I checked out the Boardwalk as they rode…..very nice!



Up they go for a view of the area!


It is time to look for a place to eat so time to decide.  The girls chose Bubba Gump Shrimp Co!


28   19

We take more pics from our table as we wait for our food.  Great view.






Our dinner was delicious!  Okay now it is time to back for more rides!!

23   20


31   30



This is a very nice park.  We had been to Kemah before with a Rally Group but had not been to the Board Walk.  We had a great time here with the Kids.  After tonight, our trip comes to an end tomorrow as we head home.  It has been a great week and are so thankful for some wonderful kids.  Feeling very thankful that we had a safe trip and that Manuel did well all week.  He actually felt very good.  I say he needed this road trip as much as I did.  Very Thankful for everything. 

Until next time.