Saturday, February 21, 2015

At Rodeo with My Girls

Today was my day with Larissa and Arianna.  I asked them if they wanted to go to the movies or to  the rodeo.  They chose the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.  Grandpa was not feeling well but he said for me to go take the girls out.  We had an awesome time and walked the grounds until we were exhausted. 

Manuel takes our picture at home before we left.  Took a picture of them as we passed the AT&T Center, home of the San Antonio Spurs!   GO SPURS GO!!!

22     21

My Beautiful Rodeo Queens!

2     15

They enjoyed all the animals at the zoo.  Arianna took so many pictures of the animals, so I decided to hold back!


They rode the carnival rides and played the carnival games.  They actually got 2 big stuffed bears!

3     10

Seems to me that they have outgrown the ponies!   WOW!!  Stop growing, Girls!


These three little pigs are sure lazy!    This turkey just wanted to talk to Lari!

6     8

9     17

They had good live music all over the place. 


Larissa and Arianna got enough milk out of this goat to make goat cheese and milk, too!!!!

18     19

At the Reptile Tent, we were greeted by this little fellow!  There were snakes galore.  Arianna has a picture of each of them….Me, I do not like snakes.

12     14

What an awesome day we all had.   Until next posting!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chinese New Year

Today we celebrated the Chinese New Year with Friends at the Bob Ross Senior Center.  They had a big celebration and we had fun. We joined this center late last month just because I felt that we needed do to more that just stay home.  We get to do some exercise and Manuel liked it cause they have dance lessons and a lot of other activities.  Even though we are new to this group, they are all so welcoming and friendly.  They encouraged us to join the line dancing group and we have had so much fun.  It is good because we can go at our own pace but they are really awesome folks.  Anne and Gene, in the right picture are our dance instructors.  We have had so much fun!

9   8

We have met many other people but I am so bad in remembering names.  On this, their New Year Celebration, they got Manuel involved in dressing in this Chinese shirt!  Yes, Mark Didelot, they took him in as a Chinese!!  Now you can say people think he is Hawaiian, Pilipino, Eskimo and now Chinese!!!!  How funny!  I really enjoyed this as Manuel was having a really good time.

10   7

The dining area was packed!


All of these Ladies are a part of the Line Dancing group and are all so friendly!


12   2


They had a Chinese Band made up of all members of this Senior Center.  A lot of talent here.



We had an awesome celebration this morning and then we headed out to do some line dancing. 

This has been good for Manuel as he has not had too many good days.  He enjoys himself here.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day of The Military Ball

Late this morning I got a call from Lari telling me Mom was not feeling well.  Veronica got on the phone and asked if I wanted to go to the ball with Lari and Manuel.  I agreed to go in her place.  I rushed to find something nice in my closet to wear as there was no time to go shopping.  She and Lari had an appointment for hair and make up so I picked up Lari at 1 pm and off we went to the beauty shop.  It is always great for me when I spend time with my little girls.  Here Lari is getting her hair done.


Then they do her make up.  Girls did a great job on her. 


At the same time they were doing her, they were also doing my hair and make up.  Nice treat, Thank You, Veronica.

We then rushed out of the beauty shop and on home to get dressed.  Manuel and Lari will pick me up at 5 pm.  We took pictures at home before leaving to The Ball.  Larissa looks gorgeous and sooooo grown up!

IMG_0015   IMG_0014

Love you both so much!



We then took pictures outside as it was a beautiful day.  Not too clear.



So proud of Lari!




We headed to the the Ball which was held at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa. 



They had an awesome program.  Speaker had a great message to the students.  He is an alumni of TMI.  They had the coronation of the Queen and her court.  It was all beautiful. 

They also had a delicious meal, dessert & champagne. 


Before the program began, they had a photographer.  We will have to check on their pictures as my pictures were all taken with my iPhone, too blurry!





Let the dancing began!!!!  These girls and boys danced all night!  We had so much fun watching them!!!

4   10



This night was one of the many many proud moments I have had with Larissa.  I am praying there are many many more like this.  We are very proud of her accomplishments and like we tell her, “The Sky is The Limit”.