Friday, July 18, 2014

USS Lexington

After visiting the Selena Museum, we headed to the USS Lexington also known as the Blue Ghost because many live were lost here.  This was a truly amazing ship….


4   photo 2

I only took a few pictures because the battery on my phone died.  Sure miss my camera!!

The barber shop and then the girls sit to get a cut by a GI.  They enjoyed all the sites in this ship, such as the kitchen, sleeping quarters, the hospital etc. 

6   photo 1


We walked through all 5 decks….a lot of walking through narrow stairways but very very interesting.

Beautiful views from the decks….

14   3



Sorry I only had a few pics to share.  We had an awesome day!

Visiting the Selena Museum

We drove into Corpus Christi to visit the Selena Museum and also the USS Lexington.  It is a rainy day so being indoors is good.  I had always wanted to visit this museum but had never made the time to do it.  The Girls were excited about coming here too as they have seen the movie several times. 

Selena was a very young Hispanic singer that was very very popular in the 80s & 90s.  She was very popular until her life was cut short by her fan club president.  It was very sad when she passes away.

23   11

10   22

Selena Y Los Dinos (her Band).   This is where she recorded all her music. It is still in use, Many artists still record here. 

15   13

Her Sister, Suzette, was the drummer.  She runs the museum.  These were her drums.

14   32

Selena owned this red Porsche Targa. 


Her many awards…..                        This was the guitar her brother played at her last concert.

39   28

Selena’s dream was to be a designer and she designed most of her outfits.

34   35

26   38


36   31

This is the outfit she wore for her last concert and she was buried in one just like it.






I saw Mr. Quintanilla, Selena’s Dad,  around the museum and I also saw Suzette and asked her if she would please autograph the posters Larissa and Arianna bought.  They also bought Selena dolls.  She was very nice to oblige.

1   photo 3


These are the coaches the band now travels in.  The Brother, Abe Quintanilla, who was the guitarist with the band, still is in the business. 

17   photo 2


It was a great pleasure visiting this museum.  I complemented Suzette for the great job she has done here.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Afternoon at The Beach

Today we just relaxed and then in the early afternoon, we headed to the beach again. 

Larissa and Arianna have enjoyed the beach so much.  They can spend hours here.  Today was overcast all day and it was pretty windy so it was very comfortable being by the water.

photo 8

photo 7

photo 2   photo 6

Now is this the face of a happy little girl?  I love it.  Anything that makes them happy makes us happy.

photo 10

photo 12

They worked on this canal for hours….      Then it was time to get in the pool.

photo 13    photo 14

More to come!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Going Fishing

We headed to the pier which is just across the street from the RV Park.  The Girls are ready for some serious fishing!!

10   photo 1

photo 4   photo 2

Not even 10 minutes passed and Arianna caught her first fish….


Then Larissa caught her first.  Then Arianna again and then Larissa.


Fish were really biting all the while we were here.  We gave the fish to the people that are fishing as they used them for bait.     The sun is setting.  Beautiful sunset!

photo 1   photo 14

It is pretty windy and it is getting pretty dark so we will stop fishing now.

photo 19   photo 6

photo 11   photo 13

photo 12

We had a great time fishing and it made the girls day as they caught a few fish.