Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Eve 2015

On this New Year's Eve, we gathered here at our home.  We had several friends over and just had a great end of the year and start of the year.  We had plenty of food  and  drinks. 

Larissa decorates her Gingerbread house!

Playing Monopoly! 

Arianna and Tia Cory are making dessert!  Apples!

We are all enjoying our time together...

The cinnamon apples were delicious.  They had red hots!  Yum!

This was everyone at our New Year's Eve gathering.  Had a great time!  Happy New Year to Everyone!

The Esparza Siblings came to visit on New Year's Day.  Good to see everyone. 

Great day with Family!

Alicia, Manuel, Norma and Terry. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day With Family

We got together on Christmas Day, had a nice dinner and just spent time together. 

We set the timer on the camera and pose. 

Manuel and I pose for the Girls & their new cameras. 

Lari's camera...  I have competition now!!

A picture of Daddy!

Arianna's camera now.

Lari and Manuel taken by Arianna.  These Girls are good with cameras!

All gifts have been sorted....

We are all ready to open gifts.  Santa was so nice this year.

Grandpa enjoying all the kids being over today!

Just one more picture, Dad!!!

Timer set again. 

Watch her handle two cameras; reminds me of ME!!

Wondering whose this is...

Happy little girls; or maybe not so little anymore!  Growing too fast.

Happy Big Kids, too!

Sure liked what he got! 

Everyone opens their gifts and I take pictures!

Girls made a Gingerbread Man!!

Corina and Joe enjoying themselves. 

And yet another picture with timer.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Melissa & Reggie's Wedding

We went to Devine, TX for a Friend's wedding.   

Catholic Church in Devine, TX

The Happy Couple!
Parents of the Bride, friends with them for over 30 Years.
The Bride and Groom and their Children.
Manuel, Tony and Eric.
Christina, Lupana and I had a great time.
Tony Jr. and his date.
We enjoyed the Mariachis.  The Live Band also.
Manuel and Tony had a nice time together.  Great Friends.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Arianna's Christmas Party

Today, we attended Arianna's School Party.  Lari's last day of school was yesterday so she came along with us.  It was a great party.  Arianna is very happy to see us all there.

Arianna and Ms. Whitis.                 Lari really enjoyed the party; remembering her 3rd Grade Party.

Game time! 

Snack Time!!!


Arianna and her Friend.                                                                Ari is lined up to play games.
Lari and Arianna enjoy Freddie's Custard cones after we left the party.